May round-up and June sewing plans

Okay, I’m really getting into the swing of thinking of my sewing in monthly chunks. Not sure why this is so helpful to me, but it is what it is. May’s plans are here, should you be interested. But now on to what ACTUALLY happened in May…

Blogged in May:

The month was rather dominated by my Me Made May roundups (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5) but I did blog my main sewing projects completed in April: The Gertie Skirtie, The Knit Sweetheart Top (black tank version) and the Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan. I may not bother blogging my simpler April makes (knickers and Daisy’s skirts), or I might lump them together in a future post if I make more knickers. Who knows…

Sewing done in May:

L-R: Denim stars Cleo dress, Striped Knit Sweetheart Top AND Rockabilly headtie, Spotty maxi dress (based on Knit Sweetheart Top)

Clockwise from top left: A refashion of an RTW dress, adding wide gathered straps; Alabama Chanin corset top; Gabriel’s sun hat.

Those last two aren’t completed, but just need some handsewing to finish them off. Not much for the hat, but the corset top is going to take a while as I’ll be flat felling the seams and sewing on all the binding by hand, true AC style!

I didn’t get around to everything on my sewing list. I’ve cut fabric for two more pairs of knickers for me, but Gabriel’s boxers, Daisy’s apron and my chiffon kimono haven’t even been cut yet. However, I figured I was being overly ambitious at the time so am I bovvered? No, not bothered.

I have also done some prep for some of the more complicated patterns I want to make over the summer. More on that below…

Money spent: £94.05

Patterns: £26.55, Haberdashery: £12.58, Fabric £54.92

Okay, that’s way more than I thought I’d spend considering this was meant to be a “lean” month. However, most of that was in the most recent bank holiday sales, and after I’d had my final royalty payment from my now sadly defunct publisher. Also, I’ll probably be getting £11.81 of the money spent on patterns back, as I haven’t received the download for the Maria Denmark Edith Shirtdress and have opened a Paypal dispute as my emails haven’t been responded to. Has this company gone out of business? Who knows…

June sewing plans:

I’m going for a couple of more involved projects this month, both of which will involve making toiles to get the fit right. First up will be Butterick B6217 in a gorgeous vintage rose pattern cotton voile (pictured above). I’ve cut the toile today so I’m well on my way already 🙂 I’m also going to make the cigarette pants from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. Well, okay, I’m going to make a toile at any rate–I’ve got the fabric (cheap poly!) and have traced out the pattern. We’ll see about the finished item depending on how difficult it proves to fit them…

I’ll also be making some simpler projects, using some of the freshly purchased Girl Charlee fabrics shown above. I’m thinking a striped skirt with the ponte (maxi or pencil? decisions, decisions!), and the animal print-style hacci knit is destined for a kimono. I doubt I’ll have time for much more, but I’m hoping to finish off the makes I planned for May. Oh, and a bonus project if I ever manage to get my pattern: a Maria Denmark Edith shirt dress. Yeah, probably not. I can dream, though!

I’ll be prepping some more for future involved projects too. A shirt for Andy (Vogue V9220) and a shirt for me (Butterick B5526) (part of my bank holiday purchases!). And a bikini. Or possibly a one piece. Who can tell how the mood will take me…

What are you planning to make this month? Do you have an insane summer sewing queue? And do you prefer to go for instant gratification projects or more involved ones?

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