Me Made May – week 3

This has been a weird week in terms of weather, with a few days of unrelenting rain, wind and now back to sunshine. Okay, probably not that odd for spring in Somerset, but still, it’s made it more of a challenge to put together new outfit combinations (see my pledge here) as not all that many of my me-mades are suitable. I’m really hoping this next week is as good as it’s meant to be so I can break out more of the summer clothing!

Anyway, here’s what I managed to throw together:

mmmay17 15

Day 15: Tried to find a good indoor photo location as it wouldn’t stop raining! I’m in the Easy Knit Pencil Skirt again (2nd time) and the Wembley Cardie (also second time). This outfit looked quite dull until I added the chiffon scarf, which suddenly tied everything together.

mmmay17 16

Day 16: The third appearance for my needlecord Cleo dress, this time with a maroon long-sleeved tee I made years ago (pre-blog)–my very first time sewing with knits! The Cleo dress covers up the dodgy neckline 🙂

mmmay17 17

Day 17: Still raining and chilly for May. I teamed up my pink tee (4th time!) with my Vogue 8750 skirt (2nd time, and made pre-blog)–in the same needlecord as the Cleo dress. Again, a bit boring until I added a chiffon scarf, tied in a Windsor knot. Glad I learnt something useful from all those years in school uniform 😛

mmmay17 18

Day 18: Hooray, the skies cleared! I celebrated by wearing my Knit Sweetheart Top (5th time) with a bolero I crocheted while pregnant with Gabriel. The yarn is a super soft, luxurious blend of merino wool and silk, and it feels wonderful to wear. Should get it out more often, really!

mmmay17 19

Day 19: Had a day sandal shopping in Clarks Village, followed by a birthday dinner for my mum. My handknit mohair shrug came out again (2nd time), this time with my chunky me-made necklace (3rd time). With my RTW denim maxi skirt and cami top this was a really comfy outfit that did well for shopping and eating out.

mmmay17 20

Day 20: A bit cooler again today, so I got the Wembley Cardie out again (3rd time) over a RTW striped cami. This time I found a me-made infinity scarf (2nd time, unblogged) that brought the Wembley to life. I’m figuring out how to make this cardie work now!

mmmay17 21

Day 21: A first appearance for my old Hourglass Jacket, using broomstick lace crochet. It went really well with my Knit Sweetheart Top (6th time!) and a pair of RTW skinnies and I kept it on for most of the day–not just for the walk along the river 🙂

Week three thoughts:

Finding a good place for photos indoors when it’s raining out was a priority this week, and I think the spot by the patio doors is the best in terms of light and neutral backdrop. Also, I was reminded again of the way the right scarf can really pull an outfit together. I need more scarves in my wardrobe, especially summer weight ones!

One thing I struggled with this week was finding new combinations of me-mades that were appropriate for the weather: cool but not too cold, with occasional warm, sunny spells. I seem to have been concentrating on winter and summer wear, whereas to be honest the English climate has way more of this inbetweeny weather to deal with. It’s not that I don’t have suitable layers for this time of year, but not all that many of them are me-made. Going forward, if I want to wear me-made more often I think I need to concentrate on making more cardigan and jacket layers, simple tees and tanks, and versatile skirts and trousers (and another Cleo dress or two!). These are things it’s relatively easy to find in shops (except the trousers) so I’ve settled for RTW in the past and concentrated on sewing the more fun items like party dresses and things for that fantasy hot summer that never seems to actually arrive. Practical sewing doesn’t have to be boring, though, does it?!

Anyone else got any thoughts to share on how their Me Made May is going? Feel free to link to your blog post in the comments 🙂

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