Me Made May: week one round-up

This is my second year of Me Made May, and I have so many more garments to choose from this time around! That’s why I decided to up the challenge level to wearing two (or more!) me made items a day, and to try not to repeat any combinations (read my pledge here). It’s totally okay to repeat garments, though. I’m not that well stocked. Maybe next year…

Anyway, I’ve been posting my outfits daily on Instagram (I’m @anna_jo_sews), but thought I’d do a quick round-up on the blog every week, with some closing thoughts. Nothing like a bit of clothes-related navel-gazing, right? 😛

Day 1: My Heather Dress and handknit socks. Liked this combo, but felt at points in the day that the socks were a little too warm.


Day 2: my brand new Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan (not yet blogged) and the very recently blogged Knit Sweetheart Top. Felt like this really fit my style, especially with the cuffed skinnies and Chucks.


Day 3: Thought I’d better get in some of my more winter weight sews before the weather heated up too much, so wore my freshly made Easy Knit Skirt (not yet blogged) and Pink Tee. Pretty comfy and cute, but felt the outfit was lacking a little something. Not sure what, though…


Day 4: A combination I hadn’t tried before: my Striped Plantain tee under my Cleo Dress. Really happy with how these worked together, as I’m not a huge fan of the tee on its own.


Day 5: The first repeated garment: my new Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan over my Moneta Dress. Love how these work together. The leopard pockets perfectly complement the spotty trim on the dress.


Day 6: The first outfit I really wasn’t feeling the love for. My Grey Surplice Dress had lots of wear over winter, but doesn’t feel me anymore. Too frumpy looking. The stripy scarf (unblogged) goes quite well with it, though.


Day 7: back to a happier combo today. It’s the second appearance for the pink tee and the third for the Drop Pocket Cardigan. I’m guessing you’ll be seeing these again this month, though, because they bring me joy 🙂

Week one reflections:

So far I’m feeling like the challenge is going really well. I’ve tried out some new combinations of clothing that were successful, and I’ve also rooted out a couple of items that I’m not planning to wear again. The Grey Surplice Dress gets a stay of execution till the autumn when I’ll pull it out again and see how I feel, but my red mini never even got worn. I put it on, looked in the mirror and faced facts: I don’t like it. Too short, annoyingly gaping pockets, and even the colour isn’t quite right. That’s going on the charity shop pile. Good bye skirt, hope you find a new owner who appreciates you more!

Now the weather’s heating up I’ll be trying out some of my more summery clothing this week. Crochet cardies ahoy!

How’s your Me Made May going? Learned anything new? Or if you’re not yet taking part, are you considering it for next year?


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