Me Made May, days 10-18

I’m only doing these in groups of nine because I love the look of tiled Instagram pics…

Anyway, here goes for the next lot of details. Some are repeats so I haven’t linked the patterns again. You can find days 1-9 here.

IMG_4943 (Copy)

Day 10:  I really need to get to work on my mending/alteration pile, so I’ve had to go for a repeat garment today. I’m back in the grey jersey dress from day 2, but I’ve styled it differently with a pink shrug and scarf. Not a combination I’d usually go for, but I like it! Grey is an excellent neutral for me.

IMG_4954 (Copy)

Day 11: Woohoo! I finally got around to redoing the twin needle hemming on my Simplicity 1469 dress (blogged here), so I’m finally back in it after months of it sitting idle on the mending pile. I love this dress! Viscose jersey is probably my all time favourite fabric as it’s so slinky, soft and drapey. And when it’s in a polka dot pattern I’m in heaven! I am slightly concerned this dress might be looking a bit loose on me now what with my recent weight loss, but I’m going to wear it anyway.

IMG_4963 (Copy)

Day 12: Some more emergency twin needle hemming, and I’m finally wearing my very first jersey sewing project: a long sleeve v-necked tee from the Craftsy Sewing with Knits class. It’s in my fave viscose jersey so it feels amazing to wear. I think I only ever wore it once when I first made it (3 years ago?) as the original hemming was too tight. However, I’ve learned a lot about twin needle stitching since then and this hem stretches beautifully.

IMG_4971 (Copy)

Day 13: Went for a run this morning and it was chilly so I broke out my stripy jersey Mobius scarf (unblogged, but made following this online tutorial). Super simple to make and it’s had loads of useover the spring. Mainly around the house, to be honest, but I’m happy enough to wear it out too. It was made with a cotton jersey from Girl Charlee (no longer in stock, but this looks like the same in a different colourway)

And isn’t a cute toddler the best accessory of all?! Gabriel is such a gorgeous boy 😀
Me Made May (14 #2) (Copy)

Day 14: Wow, after a few weeks of eating Paleo (ish- I’m not strict about it), I can fit back into some of my extremely fitted, pre-baby makes. Today I’m rejoicing to be in my navy polka dot Vogue 8280 dress: perfect for a trip to the theatre this afternoon.

Me Made May (14 #1) (Copy)

And here’s me with my gorgeous girl, Daisy, after seeing a local production of Sister Act. We both had a whale of a time! And the dress stayed on for the evening, as we had babysitters so Andy and I went out with friends in Bristol. First a Caribbean meal and cocktails, followed by dancing to Latin beats at The Cuban. Woohoo!

Me Made May (15) (Copy)

Day 15: I’m back in the red polka dot, jersey maxi skirt from day 8. Actually, I’ve been wearing this a lot around the house, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Stealth pyjamas FTW!

Me Made May (16) (Copy)

Day 16: Wore my handknit socks made with self-striping yarn today. I love wearing these socks around the house or under boots, but I’m not at all sure they went with my shoes. I think that probably means I need new shoes… #anyexcuse

Me Made May (17) (Copy)

Day 17: I wore my red crochet shawl today. Well, it’s meant to be a shawl but is really only scarf sized due to a miscalculation on my part. I love it, though! It’s the Sprout Chains Shawlette by one of my favourite crochet designers, Kristin Omdahl.

Me Made May (18) (Copy)

Day 18: Cooler weather has meant I was able to wear my self-drafted grey knit pencil skirt (blogged here). This was a staple of my winter wardrobe. I must find more textured fabric like this as it can elevate plain styles and colours into something special.

General thoughts:

I need more summer clothing. Loose-fitting, long sleeved tops in very light fabrics would be ideal.

Also, I could do with another of those knit maxi skirts. Or perhaps a maxi dress? Something suitable for going out, but also really comfy for slobbing around at home.

Anyone else taking part in Me Made May? How’s it going for you?

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