Me Made May, days 19-27

And here are the pictures all together:

There are more repeat appearances here, but I’m still managing to unearth some new garments to show off. You can find the previous posts here: Days 1-9Days 10-18

Here’s the full run down:

Me Made May (19) (Copy)

Day 19: My mum’s birthday celebration gave me the perfect excuse to pull one of my old party dresses out of the wardrobe. This is Sewholic’s Cambie Dress, made in a purple stretch woven. I love the vintage inspired neckline and A-line skirts with pockets. I need more dresses with pockets!

Me Made May (20) (Copy)

Day 20: Wore my spotty Simplicity 1469 dress again (from day 11), but this time with a black cardie, ¾ length leggings and my new red shoes. Perfect for a trip to the garden centre.

Me Made May (21) (Copy)

Day 21: Two me-mades today, although both repeats. I wore my maroon long sleeved tee (day 12) and my black pencil skirt (day 4) as a plain outfit to show off a statement crochet cardigan. Not one of my own creations, unfortunately, but Me Made May has been inspiring me to dig deeper into the recesses of my wardrobe and evaluate my clothes.

Me Made May (22) (Copy)

Day 22: I finally repaired my favourite aubergine corduroy skirt (Vogue 8750) which had split at the hem. So good that Me Made May has spurred me on to work through the mending pile! Unfortunately by the end of the day it had split again, so I’m going to repair with a leather patch before wearing it again.

Me Made May (23) (Copy)

Day 23: Yesterday I managed to finish a stripy tee with ¾ length sleeves (Deer and Doe’s free Plantain pattern), so I’m in it today. It’s nice and loose in a lightweight knit from Girl Charlee, so it should be great for the summer. Had to add a patch and fringe detail on one shoulder as I accidentally melted it with the iron, but I’m really happy with how the repair turned out!

Me Made May (24) (Copy)

Day 24: I unearthed a brown crochet shrug I made years ago and have hardly ever worn. I can see why, as it needs tightening up along the bottom. Should be a quick fix, though, if I can find any leftover yarn. I’m also wearing a moss agate necklace I made myself.

Me Made May (25) (Copy)

Day 25: I’m amazed to discover I can fit back into my self-drafted circle skirt. It’s a much louder pattern than I’m used to and I was worried it was too dressy for the school run, but I found a way to make it work by dressing down with a black cami, leggings and a denim jacket. Makes a change from wearing it with a petticoat and corset!

Me Made May (26) (Copy)

Day 26: I made my purple “house skirt” (unblogged, but from the Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns book) a while back but rarely wear it, which is odd as I love long knit skirts for lounging around in. After wearing it all day I’ve figured out why: I prefer maxi to midi skirts, and the 100% cotton interlock doesn’t have good enough recovery. I’ll keep it for wearing around the house for the time being, though, until I have more me-made maxi skirts.


Me Made May (27) (Copy)

Day 27: The third appearance of my spotty dress (from days 11 and 20). I think I’m going to have to retire this one, much as I love it, as I’m forced to admit it’s a bit baggy on me now. It will be okay for wearing around the house, though. I suppose I could take it in…

General thoughts:

  • I found a corner of my courtyard that makes a good backdrop for photos when the sun is shining on my usual wall. I’ve been experimenting with more poses and no longer feel like quite such a twat taking selfies.
  • Although I’m thrilled to have lost so much weight so painlessly by following a tasty primal diet (check out this site if you want more info on what that entails), it’s forced me to go through all my clothes again. While I can now get back into my old party dresses (yay!) I’ve had to admit that most of my favourite comfy knit dresses no longer flatter, and I’m going to need to get sewing again. Practical clothing is key when you have a toddler to race around after!

The next post will be the final four days and my reflections on the whole month. Then I’ll make time to blog a few of the unblogged makes, I promise!

Any other Me Made May participants out there? How did yours go?


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