2017 sewing plans (#2017MakeNine)


I’ve been following Rochelle’s blog for ages now, and I really like her approach to creating a wardrobe of handmade items that really fit with her lifestyle. So this year I thought I’d give her #2017MakeNine sewing challenge a go. Nine items shouldn’t be too many to make in one year, and the idea is to keep the list fluid, changing things as and when I see fit. I’ve been thinking hard about capsule wardrobes and the garments I feel a need for when rooting around for something to wear. Rather than picking just nine patterns I’ve instead picked nine types of garment, with several pattern options for most of them. The idea is that I will hopefully find a pattern in each category that I like enough to want to make several versions of it in different fabrics and colours.


Dungaree dress


There’s only one contender here and that’s the Tilly and Buttons Cleo Dress. I’ve wanted a dungaree dress for ages–I last had one when I was pregnant with Daisy (who’s now 11!) and I wore it to death. I have been seriously inspired by alisesaye‘s gorgeous version pictured, and I have some aubergine needlecord in my stash which would be perfect for this pattern. It that works well then I’ll want to make a denim version too.

Knit dress

I’m still searching for the perfect knit dress, so I’d like to try out a few this year. The Colette Wren (Animal print version above by Heather Lou of Closet Case Files) would be another variation on a style I know I love, but I’m also tempted to try out their Moneta pattern (so many bloggers love it, after all, and I’m especially swayed by the gorgeous floral version pictured above, by Charlotte of English Girl at Home) and the simple silhouette of the Seamwork Mesa dress also appeals. I’d like to try out some bolder patterned fabric these as well.


I definitely felt a need for a woven sundress this last summer, so this is something I’m very keen to make before it gets hot (if it ever gets hot. This is England after all!) Colette have two that appeal: Lily and Crepe, and there are also the Seamwork patterns: Mojave and Adelaide. Maybe I’ll manage to make more than one!



While I do eventually want to make a proper shirt with a collar and everything (perhaps the Sewaholic Granville) that would involve lots of new techniques so I’m planning to start with something a bit easier: the Colette Aster.


I really want to find a great cardie pattern I can make again and again. I’m planning to try the Seamwork Wembley cardie first, and hope to have a try at Seamwork’s Oslo and Grainline’s Driftless cardies too (Stripy version above courtesy of Design by Lindsay).

A fancy top (or two)

I have very little in the way of blingy tops for going out in the evening, so anything that fits in that category would be really welcome. I have a velvet long-sleeve tee that needs alterations, but am also pondering a sleeveless top in a luxe fabric (perhaps Seamwork’s Aurora or the Alabama Chanin Corset top), and perhaps a chiffon sleeveless top if I have the time (I might use the OOP New Look 6485) .



While the Ginger Jeans are my ultimate ambition, I realise they will be an involved project and I might not get around to these in 2017. I’d definitely like to make some sort of non-skirt bottoms, though, so if I don’t get around to the Gingers I’m hoping to make something comfy and casual in a knit fabric instead. Some leggings (self drafted? stretch velvet?) and the True Bias Hudson Pants are both appealing.


After the flop that was my red mini skirt, I’m very keen to make a utility style skirt that works. I have my eye on Grainline’s Moss Skirt (love the way awfullynicesewing has styled hers in the picture above!) and the Pauline Alice Rosarí skirt as possible contenders.



I really hope that 2017 is the year I finally make some lingerie. To keep things simple (and to fill a wardrobe gap) I’m thinking that the Madelynne Simplicity 8228 bralette pattern (the racerback option is really appealing) could be a good starting point. And I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to free patterns for knickers!


As you might have noticed, there are plenty of Colette and Seamwork patterns on there because I’ve been making good use of my Seamwork credits, so all of those are already in the stash. Some of the other patterns will need to be bought, but I’m hoping they will all be excellent investments and I will spread the cost over the year (one pattern every six weeks, approximately)

While there are some simple knit projects here (and I haven’t included t-shirts, although I’m planning to makes some), I’m also hoping to challenge myself with some new techniques (jeans, lingerie and shirts) and trickier fabrics. Chiffon, velvet, sequins, chunky sweater knits and stretch lace would all give me a challenge, even if the patterns are relatively simple.

I’ll still be stashbusting wherever possible (especially when it comes to making wearable toiles), but I think I’m now ready to start buying fabrics again. However, I’m setting myself a rule that I can only buy the quantity I need and only for specific projects that are planned within the next couple of months. I’ll be focusing on quality fabrics rather than bargains, so here’s hoping that the fabric stash will have been further reduced by this time next year!

There aren’t any crochet or knit patterns here but rest assured I will keep working away at these. I want to concentrate on socks, hats and fancy scarves, as they’re easily portable, can help me reduce the yarn stash, and are things I’ll either wear myself or that will make good gifts.

I’m also hoping to make a few unselfish projects for the rest of my family. Daisy wants a knit dress and skirt, Andy wants a striped t-shirt, and Gabriel will look cute in anything but he’ll probably get a sunhat first 🙂

So, that’s my rough plans for 2017. Here’s hoping I get my sewing room by the summer, as that will make them so much easier to achieve 🙂

Anyone else making crafty crafting plans for 2017?

Disclaimer: all images used are either promotional ones, or by bloggers who have granted me permission to share their pictures (albeit somewhat after the fact–oops!)

11 thoughts on “2017 sewing plans (#2017MakeNine)”

    1. Ha, you too?! Skirts are just so simple compared to trousers and the like, aren’t they? I reckon leggings should be easy, though. Just have to get the right fabric…


  1. Love your choices Anna-Jo, and really like that you’ve selected a few different pattern options. For the Colette patterns, you can now use seamwork credits to buy Colette patterns (you need three) if that helps! Ohhh I forgot all about the Rosari skirt, I love it! Looking forward to seeing all of your makes!


    1. Thanks, Jen 🙂

      I’ve been busy using my Seamwork credits on Colette patterns–such a great offer!

      Here’s hoping we manage to find lots of sewing time this year!


    1. Ooh, thanks for stopping by. I shall check your choices out too!

      Actually, I just finished a Wembley cardie today, although it’s really only a muslin version and I’m not sure how much wear it will get in the fabric I’ve used. Still, I can count that as one down, can’t I?!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Some of these are really popular patterns, which I suppose is how they came to my attention. Still, popular is usually popular for good reason, right?!

      Hope sewing up your list goes well for you. Right, I suppose I should take this spare minute to go and trace out the Aster pattern… Or I could snuggle up on the sofa with a good book #decisionsdecisions


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