Autumn/Winter sewing plans

A while back I posted an insanely optimistic post for nine summer garments i was planning to sew or crochet. I’ve managed just one of them, although I am over halfway through another (the crochet cardie). There was never enough time, plus I got distracted by making corduroy skirts. Not so summer appropriate, but handy now for the changing weather.

So I’ve learnt my lesson and this time I’m going for four garment ideas, all of which are simple makes. Six garments if you count the socks and undies! These are all things I feel a real need for in my wardrobe at the moment, and since I can’t afford to buy new at the moment my challenge is to make them all by shopping the stash, both of patterns and fabrics. Good thing I like a challenge!


I’m feeling a strange yearning for looser long and short sleeved tees. I’ve never really been one for the boxy fit, but having some of these in very drapey knits and a variety of lengths would make for some great layering opportunities. I have all manner of plain grey, black and brown knit fabric to use up, as well as some lavender, mauve, purple and bottle green interlock. I’ve already tried out both the Plantain tee and the Craftsy Sewing with Knits tee to great success. I might give the Grainline Hemlock a try too, and I like the look of the Seamwork Mesa (technically a dress, but easy to lop off to a shirt by the looks) and the Seamwork Aberdeen. As these will all be very quick and easy projects, I’m hoping to get a few tees made.


I have a great collection of wrap cardies, but for some reason they don’t seem to go with the mini skirts and skinny jeans I’m favouring these days. What I find myself wanting is just a simple, rectangular but slim fitting cardie, probably without a front fastening. The Seamwork Wembley or the Alabama Chanin Classic Cardigan might fit the bill, or I could try drafting a simple kimono-style one. I have some gorgeous charcoal wool jersey I want to use for this.


I’ve never made leggings yet I wear them all the time. The Seamwork Manila ones look good. I’ll make a black pair first, and if I get a good fit, consider forking out for jerseys in deep but rich colours like chocolate, burgundy and plum. They make excellent near-neutrals for me.


I really miss my collection of jersey nursing dresses, but they’re all ridiculously big on me now. I need replacements, stat! The Seamwork Mesa (see tops) is a candidate, as is the Surplice dress from the Craftsy Sewing with Knits class. I might have another go at the Knot Your Average Dress too (see my version here), as I think it will be much easier and probably fit better in a non-nursing version. I have a couple of metres of gorgeous grey ponte to use for this.


sw-genevaNot the most exciting project, perhaps, but before I leap back into bra making, I’d like to get to grips with some lingerie techniques as well as perfect the ultimate sexy-yet-comfy knicker pattern–something my undies drawer is sadly lacking right now. I have plenty of soft jersey scraps and stretch lace to use up, although I might have to fork out for some fold over or picot elastic. That won’t break the bank, though. I might start with the Seamwork Geneva pattern, but there are plenty of free patterns out there if those don’t work out.


I absolutely adore the last pair of socks I knitted, which fit me perfectly. I have two skeins of sock yarn left, although they’re colours I chose for other people. I might indeed knit those up for others for Christmas, and fork out for some new sock yarn for me. Hey, it’s a very small indulgence! Oh yes, and I need some long 2.5mm circulars for magic loop. This is the most expensive of all these makes so far…

And finally, a winter make that isn’t a garment, but also desperately needed…


We desperately need some thermal lined curtains for our living room. I’ve been scouring eBay but our wall of patio doors is way too big for anything ready made. This will work out at at least £100 even for the cheapest IKEA fabrics as there’s another large window too. That’s without any fullness to the curtains too! I think the flat curtain look will suit the room, though, and will cut down on the fabric bulk at the sides of the doors, allowing more light into the room. I’m hoping these will pay for themselves with savings in our heating bill pretty quickly, though 🙂


Anyone else out there insanely optimistic with their winter crafting plans?!

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