20 minute sewing sprints


hand knit sock
Yay for self-striping sock yarn!
So, I’ve actually managed to stick to my idea of sewing or crafting for at least 20 minutes day so far. And in that time I’ve knitted one and a bit socks! That’s pretty good going considering it took me years to finish the last pair. I’ve also sewn a knit pencil skirt for myself (without a pattern and fitted directly to my body). It’s without a doubt the cosiest, comfiest skirts I’ve ever owned! It’s been perfect for this cold snap and I haven’t wanted to wear anything else… Except leggings and a top and underwear of course 😛 I will take some pictures and blog it properly soon. 

After the success of the skirt I hit a snag. I’d run out of things ready to sew, and 20 minutes is not an ideal length of time for cutting out garments. I started making a simple darted, zippered pouch instead, following the recent tutorial on Ikat bag.

However, this weekend I had a couple of hours spare while Gabriel was napping, so I cut out my next sewing project: a nightshirt for my dad for his upcoming birthday. It’s a simple pattern I made for him many years ago, but he’s been requesting another for ages so I thought it was about time I obliged!

I think my strategy for the future is going to have to be to do all cutting out at weekend nap times whenever I get the chance. I know I am going to have a challenge finding sewing time over the next few months as we are planning on moving house, but I’m sure if I prioritise then I can still do it. After all, just 20 minutes a day for something I love doing is not that much. I deserve at least that much me time!

Who else out there is making sure they take the time to sew every day?

4 thoughts on “20 minute sewing sprints”

  1. I love your sock! I recently mastered socks and just love them. My feet are always cold, so they are brilliant. I’ve mostly made 4-ply socks, but have made a few pairs with 6-ply – aprt from being that bit thicker (and warmer), they knit up faster, which is always good 🙂

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    1. These are made with double knit, so they are really quick! Only 44 stitches in the round. This is me using magic loop for the first time, which I’m finding so much easier than double pointed needles. There is something so satisfying about knitting socks, isn’t there?


  2. Me, definitely! I get twitchy if I can’t sew (or knit) for a while every day. Being a patchworker and quilter, though, I generally hand-sew, and I can do that in the evenings when we’re watching TV. However I’ve recently started machine-sewing again (after a couple of years of needing to get my machine sorted out but not being able to) and I must admit I’m having trouble fitting that in.


    1. I agree, machine sewing is definitely more challenging to fit in. I can’t do it when Gabriel is awake, as he gets under my feet and tries to mess with the pedal!

      Do you hand piece your patchwork, then? I did one small quilt that way but it did take a very long time! Maybe I’ll try it again though. It’s very relaxing to sew in the evenings in front of the TV. At the moment that’s when I’m getting most of my sock knitting done 🙂


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