Me Made May – week four

We have truly had ALL THE WEATHER this week, which shouldn’t really surprise me as a Brit living in the West Country, but still, it’s been remarkable. Heatwave days when it was too hot to move, thunderstorms, torrential downpours–we had it all. At least it’s stayed too warm for socks, although the kids seem to disagree. Gabriel gets very upset if we try to put him to bed without socks on, even if it’s 22 degrees C in his room. And then he pulls the duvet over his head /o\

You’ll see some hot weather clothing in this lot, then, and also a couple of new me-mades. How exciting is that?! Okay, contain yourself, people. Let’s roll…

mmmay17 22

Day 22: It’s the first appearance for my Colette Aster blouse, teamed up with my rockabilly headtie. Mixed feelings about this top–it’s really comfy in the heat and I love those mother of pearl poppers, but I don’t think it fits right. I decided this one will be relegated to gardening wear in the future. Continue reading Me Made May – week four

Me Made May – week 3

This has been a weird week in terms of weather, with a few days of unrelenting rain, wind and now back to sunshine. Okay, probably not that odd for spring in Somerset, but still, it’s made it more of a challenge to put together new outfit combinations (see my pledge here) as not all that many of my me-mades are suitable. I’m really hoping this next week is as good as it’s meant to be so I can break out more of the summer clothing!

Anyway, here’s what I managed to throw together:

mmmay17 15

Day 15: Tried to find a good indoor photo location as it wouldn’t stop raining! I’m in the Easy Knit Pencil Skirt again (2nd time) and the Wembley Cardie (also second time). This outfit looked quite dull until I added the chiffon scarf, which suddenly tied everything together.

Continue reading Me Made May – week 3

My dream cardigan!

Anyone who’s been following my Me Made May posts either here or on Instagram will have seen this cardie plenty of times already, but here’s the full lowdown on what has become probably the most worn item of me-made clothing this month.

Drop Pocket Cardigan 6

In a Nutshell:

Like the title says, this is my dream cardigan! Do you really need to know any more than that?! Oh, okay. Read on, then, to find out why… Continue reading My dream cardigan!

Me Made May – week 2

Well, we had a couple of glorious warm, sunny days this week, but then it got cool and rainy. I suppose I should be glad for the garden, but instead I’m wondering how I’m going to get a chance to wear the rest of my summery me-mades this month!

You can find last week’s outfits here, and details of my pledge here, but now on to week two…


Day 8: I went for three me-mades┬átoday, seeing as how two of them were accessories. I teamed up that black Knit Sweetheart Top (second time this May) with my chunky necklace and freshly made rockabilly head tie. Really liked these together, although I did at times wonder if the head tie was giving off more of a housework vibe than the vintage glam I was after! Continue reading Me Made May – week 2

The Gertie Skirtie

It might have taken me a long time to get around to making anything from the book Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, but since the success of the Knit Sweetheart Top I haven’t been able to stop! This is my second project from the book. Read on to find out if I like it as much as the first…

Gertie Skirtie00008

In a Nutshell:

A basic but incredibly useful pattern. Wish I’d paid a bit more attention to my fabric, though!


The Easy Knit Pencil Skirt from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. It’s a simple pencil skirt with an elasticated waist and all the shaping in the side seams. I cut a size 6, grading to an 8 at the waist as my measurements indicated. Continue reading The Gertie Skirtie

Me Made May: week one round-up

This is my second year of Me Made May, and I have so many more garments to choose from this time around! That’s why I decided to up the challenge level to wearing two (or more!) me made items a day, and to try not to repeat any combinations (read my pledge here). It’s totally okay to repeat garments, though. I’m not that well stocked. Maybe next year…

Anyway, I’ve been posting my outfits daily on Instagram (I’m @anna_jo_sews), but thought I’d do a quick round-up on the blog every week, with some closing thoughts. Nothing like a bit of clothes-related navel-gazing, right? ­čśŤ

Day 1: My Heather Dress and handknit socks. Liked this combo, but felt at points in the day that the socks were a little too warm. Continue reading Me Made May: week one round-up

Best Tank EVAH! (aka Gertie’s Knit Sweetheart Top)

Right, I’ve got a lot of sewing from April to get blogged, so prepare yourself for lots of posts this month! First up is one of the most useful garments I’ve ever sewn.


Knit Sweetheart Top (3)
I’ve been photobombed by a pine cone!

In a Nutshell:

A seriously versatile basic tank with some cute details, that has become my new favourite top!


The Knit Sweetheart Top from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. I made the sleeveless variation which Gertie models in the book in black too. Such a copycat! Continue reading Best Tank EVAH! (aka Gertie’s Knit Sweetheart Top)