Craftysticks: a weekly crafting update

So why Craftysticks? Well, that’s a nickname a friend gave me a good few years back, when I was teaching her and another friend how to make dolls, sew and crochet.

And the weekly update part? I tend to work on a few projects at once, so sometimes it might be weeks before I finish anything at all. In the interests of more regular posting I thought I’d start making sure I blog something every week, even if it’s just general musings on textile crafts and making stuff. Any stuff. I’m not too fussy, I just like my hands to be busy!

Life has been a bit derailed this week as Gabriel has cut four new teeth and had a 72hr tummy bug, but I’m getting back on track now. And I’ve managed to get in a bit of crafting to keep myself sane. It’s my me-time, and I need it!


This week my sewing stalled as I waited for the gingham for Daisy’s school dresses to turn up. I had the sewing machine and overlocker all set up for them, and didn’t want to start on a new project before knocking out a couple more dresses for her. In the meantime I’ve been drawing up the pattern pieces and making alterations/improvements based on her feedback after wearing the first dress.

Now the fabric is prewashed, has been through the tumble dryer, and is ready to cut!

ETA: in the few days that have elapsed since starting this post, I’ve managed to cut all the dress pieces except for the collars and zip facings. I had to cut one set of sleeves on the cross grain in order to get both dresses out of three metres of fabric, but I’ve done it! Just enough left over for the last bits… and possibly some in-seam pockets too. Daisy has requested them 🙂

IMG_5430 (Copy)
Can you tell what it is yet?!


As a consequence of the dress hold-up, my crafting time has been mostly spent on crochet, while watching Orange is the New Black. I’ve been making headway on my Rebel Lace Cardie, and I’m loving it! The construction is like nothing I’ve ever encountered before so my brain gets a good workout too. I’m almost halfway through the upper bodice now, although there’s still plenty to do as this pattern has an insane amount of border. Insane.

IMG_5429 (Copy)
Doing broomstick crochet in public gets you a lot of interest. Is it knitting? Is it crochet? It blows people’s minds!

What I really should get on with, though, is sewing the buttons onto my Cecilia Chemise. They’ve been waiting for over a month–what’s taking me so long?! I think I’ll take it along to the park later, and hope the kids give me a bit of peace and quiet to show those buttons who’s boss.

IMG_5432 (Copy)
I’m so looking forward to wearing this!


Part of the consequence of going Paleo/Primal with my diet, is I’ve had to get more creative in the kitchen. I’m not going to be too strict and I’m sure there will be some normal baking in my future when the siren call of cake gets impossible to resist, but for now I’m trying out quick and easy lunch ideas. My omelettes are now reaching undreamt of perfection, and I’m branching out into frittata-type things. Or quiches without the crust, as I like to think of them. I made a pizza version following this method and they were delish! Although the kids didn’t like them. I’m still searching for a good lunchbox recipe for Daisy. I think I need to keep it simple…

This weekend we’re having friends over, and I’ll be making chicken and Mediterranean roast veg with a rich tomato sauce, and then panacotta for dessert. Yum! I’m really enjoying food at the moment. Strange how sometimes giving yourself restrictions (no grains, in this case) can really fire up your creativity. Anyone else find that?

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