Me Made May, days 28-31

There’s a theme of cardigans and stripes for the last four days:

You can find the previous posts here: Days 1-9Days 10-18, Days 19-27

And here are the deets:

Me Made May (28) (Copy)

Day 28: I spent yesterday working a couple of lines of crochet to tighten the bottom of my knitted mohair tie-front bolero so that it hugs me better.  I really love the fit now, but I’m still unsure about the colour: I love purple but I don’t normally wear shades this pastel, so it doesn’t go with many things in my wardrobe. Perhaps I need to dye it. I have a spare packet of violet dye. It’s either that or make more clothes it will go with… #sewistsdilemma

Me Made May (29) (Copy)

Day 29: Barbecue weather today, so I’ve donned my broomstick crochet cardie again (previously seen on day 3) for eating outside in the evening. I’ve now worn this more times in the last month than in the last 3 years…

Me Made May (30) (Copy)

Day 30: I’ve been busy making a stripy kimono-sleeve cardie this week following this tutorial and ended up finishing it enough to wear. Unhemmed still, but that hasn’t stopped me from chilling out in it around the house! I used the same Hacci knit fabric as Portia did in the original tutorial, but I dyed mine dark brown as it was just too pastel for my taste.

Me Made May (31) (Copy)

Day 31: I really wanted to finish off a crochet top for the last day of Me Made May but didn’t quite make it, so I’m wearing my stripy Plantain tee instead (first seen on day 23). Probably best for this chilly, damp weather anyway!

I was going to make this a bumper post with my thoughts and conclusions, but in the spirit of blogging more regularly I’m just going to post this now and hopefully find enough time to do a round-up post next week. Suffice to say I’ve really enjoyed taking part in my first Me Made May and have learnt lots about both my current wardrobe situation and future sewing needs 🙂

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