“Friday” update: scissors ahoy!

I’m starting off a series of (hopefully) regular weekly posts featuring news about what I’ve been up to with a particular slant on the sewing (more general updates will be over on my writer blog, should you wish to follow those). This would normally be on a Friday, but hey, I accidentally deleted half the post I wrote yesterday, and so here it is today with slightly different (improved?) wording 🙂

This week I’ve been making use of my Any.Do “to do list” app and scheduling myself 20 mins sewing time each day. It seems to be making a real difference. Instead of crossing off all the dull stuff first, I find myself racing to the sewing room to get going every morning. And yes, it’s a task down when I’ve finished! I think it’s important to make that time for my own interests, which can easily be sidelined in all the hustle and bustle of running the house and caring for a baby (along with a nine-year-old and a grown man). I’ve also been making use of tiny chunks of time to get sewing projects prepped, so that when I get my 20 minutes I’m sewing the whole time rather than getting things together. It’s made a real difference to my productivity.

Despite this I haven’t finished anything for myself, but I did get a cushion made for my mum’s birthday (now almost a month late, but who’s counting?!). It features an old embroidery she started when I was little, and that I finished off for her. I’ll do a full post on it sometime soon, but for now a sumptuous piccy:

mum's cushion

I’ve also made some more headway on the bra I’m making (Kwik Sew K3594) and have finally got the cups into the cradle–no mean feat with three layers of interlock to wrestle with (I’m adapting the pattern to make a nursing bra). I’m currently tearing my hair out trying to sew the centre front seam in the slippery powernet mesh, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. The internet is a wonderful source of tips for dealing with tricky fabrics.

Knit and crochet has taken a back seat while I’ve been finishing the embroidery, but I have worked another swatch for Jennifer Hansen’s gorgeous Rebel Lace Cardi. The yarn is looking and feeling good. Now I just need to block it to figure out if I’m using the right hook size. Here’s hoping 🙂

But I think the highlight of my crafting week was unwrapping my new scissors. I needed a pair of smaller scissors (tailor’s points or similar) for notching seam allowances and the like, but also thought it was high time I replaced my old Fiskars shears. They’ve done me proud and were the best I could afford at the time, but have been damaged by cutting into pins (oops! but that was years ago and I wouldn’t do anything so careless now). Still usable, but not much fun on difficult fabrics and I’ve been increasingly relying on my rotary cutters. After some online research I narrowed my choices down to Ginghers, Kai or Merchant and Mills, and in the end the latter  ones won. Yes, they’re heavy, but you can’t argue with the beauty of these beasts, or their classy packaging:

Scissors 2

A full review post will follow soon, but for now I’m just going to say that these are without a doubt the best scissors I’ve ever used, and well worth every penny 🙂

As for this next week… I’m hoping to get the bra finished in the next few days. I hear they’re meant to be quick, but I suppose it’s taking a while because it’s my first go at one. And after that, I mean to get going on my first project for the Wardrobe Architect 2015 Challenge. I have a Pinterest board with my pattern wishlist, and have already purchased a few. First up will be the Megan Nielson dress, although I plan to sew it without the belly pleats as I really don’t need that maternity style anymore. Not looking forward to cutting into the slinky viscose knit, though. That stuff was a bitch last time I sewed with it, although it’s worth it in the end as it drapes beautifully and feels so soft.

The other thing I need to do is start dismantling my makeshift sewing room, as it’s going to be Gabriel’s bedroom soon. I’ll have a little corner of the lounge with my sewing table (an old dressing table with drawers) and will buy a lockable tool chest for all the sharp stuff. Now I just have to work out what are the essentials I really need handy, what can be stored away, and what should really be sent on its journey out of my life. Strangely, though, now I’m following the KonMari method, I’m actually starting to enjoy the chance to get rid of things. I’m seeing this less as losing a sewing room, and more as an opportunity to simplify my life 🙂

What have you all been making?

4 thoughts on ““Friday” update: scissors ahoy!”

  1. Oooh, I hadn’t spotted your new scissors were Sheffield-made when you posted the pic on FB. Better have a browse & work out how much I need to save up!

    I made an eye/sleep mask last week. Just the mock-up / trial version so far but it seems to be doing the job so I’ll dig out the fabric I want to make my first ‘proper’ one out of & hopefully get that done soon…


    1. They weren’t cheap, but worth every penny. I just have to make sure I don’t cut through any pins now!

      That sounds like a nice little project. If they didn’t annoy me to wear, I’d do one myself. Mind you, I suppose you can make it more comfortable if you make it yourself…


      1. I’ve made mine smaller than the one I bought last year so it pretty much just covers my eyes. Much more comfortable, and lots of fun with tracing paper working out the size & shape 🙂

        I used to avoid any suggestion of eye masks but at this time of year it’s light from about 4:30am-10:30pm. Last year I realised that’s why I feel constantly tired through the summer & an eye mask seemed the simplest solution…


      2. Definitely easier than putting up blackout blinds! I’ve added blackout lining to the bedroom curtains, but need a blind too as light still leaks all round the sides.


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